Tips to Make Your Driveway Look Smart and Last Longer

Laying a driveway is a smart investment in the kerb appeal and functionality of your home. To keep it looking its best for many years to come, all you have to do is complete some basic maintenance every now and then. Here at GV Paving, we’re in the know on how to keep any driveway looking pristine. So this month, while the sun’s shining, let’s look at the dos and don’ts of keeping your blocks looking neat and your gravel looking tidy.

Avoid Stains

The best way to prevent excessive maintenance is to avoid anything that might stain your driveway. This means keeping de-icing chemicals away from the surface of the drive whether it’s block paved, concrete, gravel or sealed.

If you’re an automotive type, it’s a good idea to change car, van or motorcycle oil while inside your garage or cover the driveway with a waterproof tarp. That way, you’ll never have a stain to remove.

Should you require stain removal on a block paved driveway, however, it is always best to remove and replace individual blocks, rather than use chemical stain removers. This is also true of flagstone driveways, because although the stain will be removed, the surrounding part of the drive may look conspicuously clean, and therefore just as stained as before the cleanup.


Block Paved Driveways

Remove grass and weeds as soon as they appear. This will ensure that no root structures damage your paving and mortar over time. In summer, this should be checked at least once a week and slightly less often in winter.

Regular sweeping will save you time. If you use a stiff brush to sweep dirt and muck away from your block paving, this will prevent it from packing down between the bricks and creating the perfect environment for grass and weeds to grow in the first place.

Wet cleaning a block driveway is an option to be used sparingly. Scrubbing with a brush using hot water and a little detergent will make your driveway look brilliant and provide some weed-removing properties – but be careful and inspect the driveway for loose blocks beforehand. If you find any, deal with this problem first before wet cleaning by calling your trusted driveway paver for advice and assistance.


Gravel Driveways

Use a weed killer to eradicate weeds on a gravel driveway. This will make the layers beneath the gravel uninhabitable for dandelions, nettles, grass and mosses.

Raking the drive every couple of weeks will keep it level and minimise the risk of weeds. The action of a car over a loose gravel drive will make it uneven over time, so keep a rake handy and evenly re-distribute the gravel.


Sealed Concrete Driveways

Rinsing a concrete driveway will remove dirt and debris, as with a paved drive. You’ll also be able to assess the concrete for any cracks and fissures.

Spills on concrete require immediate removal. Use towels and rags to absorb the excess spillage. Then apply hot water, detergent and degreaser, and finally use a scrubbing brush to lift the stain from the surface.

Reseal the driveway if you notice excessive wear. The best way to do this is to contact a reputable driveway contractor.


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