Will My New Driveway Require Drainage and Planning Permission?

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The very idea of applying for planning permission can be enough to make homeowners look the other way when it comes to improving the frontage of their home. However, you needn’t worry in most cases, as a driveway that satisfies planning rules can be had no matter what your budget and conditions. So, let’s find out whether you are delaying your home improvement project needlessly!

Replacing an Existing Driveway

If you’re replacing an existing driveway the answer is simple: you won’t require planning permission as long as the new driveway uses permeable (or porous) surfacing. This means that the surfacing material allows surface water to drain through.

This is because driveway planning permissions are in place to avoid increasing the flood risk in urban areas. If you have always had a driveway adjoining the front of your property, you will not be adding to the issue of floodwater by replacing it with a porous surface. This is in contrast to homeowners looking to convert a front garden into a driveway.

Converting a front garden into a driveway

In October 2008, laws were introduced in the UK to guarantee that any front garden that was to be made into a driveway would incorporate adequate drainage. This comes in the form of porous surfaces, soakaways and drainage ducts that redirect water to the storm drains or delays surface runoff.

When applying to make your front garden into a driveway, it is best to employ a professional planner. This person will know how to make clear your efforts to accommodate the drainage planning laws. In turn, you should expect no reason for your plans to be rejected, though of course this is on a case-by-case basis.

Remember, these planning laws are in place to protect your local environment and community from flooding and unsafe pavements and roads, so it’s worth getting it right.

Replacing an existing driveway using non-porous materials

If you plan to replace an existing driveway that is over five square metres using surfacing that is traditional and therefore non-permeable, planning permission will have to be sought. We recommend using porous materials or a thorough drainage plan and system alongside traditional materials.

Dropping the kerb

When making a new access to the garden/driveway across the pavement, you will need permission from the local council to drop the kerb. The pavement may also need strengthening to protect services buried underground such as water pipes and electricals.

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